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Every painting session is like a journey that reveals its path only when I am willing to step forward without fear and pretense. I am always surprised by the beautiful and evocative places along the way as I add and subtract paint. But I can pause only briefly to enjoy the evanescent vista, since there is a danger of getting stuck in the moment. By far the best work is created when I let go of the outcome and embrace the process. The application of each layer of paint is both intuitive and unique. It is a synthesis of randomness and structure. I collaborate with the painting as it directs me and I direct it. After weeks of work on a canvas, the many-layered accretion of paint undergoes simultaneous processes of melding, differentiation, and distillation culminating in a deeply luminescent plane of color and form, which seems to evoke the essence and complexity of time past.

I recently relocated to St. Helena Island to work as a full-time studio artist. The low country is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. I have fallen in love with the history, the unique natural environment, the expansive unspoiled views, but what I cherish most are the wonderful people of St. Helena Island and Beaufort County.

Art Commissions include: Premier Health Partners, Good Samartian Hospital, Emerson Worldwide, Children’s Hospital Dayton, Neiman Marcus Stores, Rogers Jewelers, Dayton Visual Art Center and private collectors.

Visit Beth's Gallery at MacDonald Marketplace

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